July 25, 2022


How to Arrange Cushions on Your Sofa

A modern living room doesn’t look complete without cushions on the sofa. Regardless of the room’s style and size, a few carefully chosen cushions can help you achieve the desired look. Instead of redecorating the entire room, you can purchase new cushions and transform the room.

Here are some ideas for choosing and arranging cushions on your sofa.

How to Arrange Cushions on Your Sofa If You Want an Informal Look

Perfectly-arranged cushions may look visually appealing, but they can be too formal. If you enjoy an informal style, rearranging the cushions in specific ways is the way to go.

Many like the 2-1-2 rule for arranging cushions, but this symmetry is not for everyone. If you want to break the pattern, we recommend grouping the cushions on one side of the sofa. Two or three cushions placed on one side will automatically transform not just the sofa but the entire room.

Another way to achieve an informal style is to use an odd number of cushions and place them on both sides of the sofa. If you have a bigger sofa, however, it might be better to place three pillows on one side and two on the other.

How to Arrange Cushions on Your Sofa If You Want to Add Colour

Cushions are a great way to add colour to the entire room. That said, this may be more complicated than you think. You need to be careful about the patterns, textures, and colour palettes to ensure everything matches.

Before they shop cushions, UK customers should look at their living room décor. If the colours are muted, purchasing a colourful cushion is an excellent option. But this isn’t the only case where you can benefit from a colourful cushion. If you have an accent wall, you can get cushions that complement it or create a contrast. You can also match the colour of the cushions to the colour of different decorative elements, shelves, or paintings.

If you decide to get colourful cushions, we recommend choosing complementary colours. Another option is purchasing cushions with the same pattern and a different colour palette.

You can always combine colourful and neutral cushions for a more subtle effect. When arranging colourful cushions on your sofa, we suggest placing them on opposite sides.

How to Arrange Cushions to Make Your Sofa More Comfortable

A sofa can be many things, but most importantly, it needs to be comfortable. Even the cosiest sofas can appear uncomfortable if the cushions aren’t arranged properly.

If you want to make your sofa look more comfortable, forget about the rules. The cushions shouldn’t be carefully organized or perfectly plumped. Your sofa will look more inviting and cosy if you choose cushions in neutral colours that don’t stand out too much. Moreover, remember that less is often more. The sofa won’t look comfortable if you cover it with cushions of varying sizes, styles, and colours. A minimalistic approach is much more desirable in this case. Choose one or two pillows that complement the sofa. If you want extra points, throw a blanket over the sofa and don’t worry about folding it perfectly. The “messy” look will add to the cosiness.

How to Arrange Cushions to Make Your Sofa More Eye-Catching

Standard, neutral sofas usually aren’t the most eye-catching detail in a living room. Fortunately, you can change this with a few carefully-chosen cushions.

You can make the sofa more eye-catching with one or two dark-coloured cushions. Of course, this is the best option if the rest of the furniture is neutral or you choose a colour that complements the furniture. Since this strategy can be risky if you’re not great at combining colours, we recommend playing with shapes.

Nothing is off-limits. A rectangular and circular cushion can look great when placed together on your sofa. Likewise, they can look even better when placed on opposite sides. Don’t be afraid to try out different combinations until you’ve found the perfect match.

It’s All Individual

Before they shop cushions, UK customers have a lot to consider. When choosing the right cushions for your sofa, don’t forget that it’s all about the individual. If you like a certain arrangement that isn’t in line with the “rules,” go for it. After all, you’re the one who’ll spend time in the room. Whatever arrangement you decide on, remember that you should purchase high-quality, durable cushions.

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