Which jewel to offer for Christmas ?

With all the options available, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets, choosing a Christmas jewel to give to your loved ones may seem complex. However, by taking into account certain criteria such as personality, relationship and gender, the choice can be made more quickly. Which jewel would be ideal for a man or a woman? Why opt for personalised jewels?

Men’s jewellery

To please your men, uncles, fathers, brothers, husbands, friends and boyfriends, opt for Christmas jewellery made of high quality materials. Naturally, men are attracted to jewellery made of precious materials. That’s why Nomination offers gold, silver, leather and stainless steel accessories on its website. With a very ergonomic interface, take advantage of the black Friday to buy jewels of the brand Nomination

In order not to take too much risk, you can opt for a man’s bracelet as Christmas jewellery. It represents a gift of a sure value, modern, aesthetic and above all sentimental. However, the jewel par excellence for men remains the necklaces. It can be a personalised chain or a pendant with an original stone or a specific inscription. If on the other hand you are looking for a classic gift, then a simple and refined watch is a feasible option. However, it is possible to personalise these gifts with words or even a specific design.

Women’s jewellery

When choosing a Christmas gift for a woman, you need to consider her personality. If she appreciates sophisticated accessories, then the ideal gift would be a pair of large earrings. If you want to bet on a modern, trendy and ultra-hip jewel, opt for a choker.

For your girlfriend or wife, choose from a variety of fashionable bracelet designs. For example, you have bracelets with beautiful symbols or with precious pearls. For more originality, you can personalise the bracelet with a sign reminding your love for her or your history together.

She has a discreet, simple and refined personality, so consider giving her a fine ring and/or an elegant watch as proof of your affection.

Personalise your gift

Christmas is celebrated only once a year, so to mark this precious moment, it is appropriate that your gift remains unique. Generally, giving a personalised jewel represents a symbol of affection, admiration or appreciation. It is seen as a healthy and wonderful way to declare your feelings or love for someone.

Moreover, the personalised jewels are unexpected and exceptional gifts, this particularity makes that they are very cherished by their recipients who make a precious memory of it. Also, by choosing this solution, you have the possibility to add to the jewel a personality trait to adapt it to the one you wish to offer it to. Know that every human being has a unique story, with personalised jewellery, you tell yours and share it with your loved one, your friend or your relative.

Note that several options are available to you as personalization. To name a few, you have the handcrafted jewellery with engraving (ring, bracelet, necklace) or the pendant with printed photo.

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