Cleaners London: Transforming Homes With Professional Cleaning Services

A tidy and clean home is important for your comfort and well-being. However, with so many responsibilities and busy schedules, cleaning every nook and cranny can be difficult. That’s where professional cleaning services come in. Continue reading to learn about the advantages of hiring professional cleaning services.

Expertise And Attention To Detail

Professional cleaners have mastered the art of thorough and meticulous cleaning. These professionals have the necessary experience and knowledge. And leave no corner overlooked, utilizing their expertise to deliver thorough cleaning services. They’ve done everything from dusting and vacuuming to cleaning and sanitizing, and they know how to do it all.

Customized Cleaning Plans

Each home is unique, and each person’s cleaning requirements may vary. Go Cleaners London understands this and tailors its services to specific preferences and schedules. Whether you require weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning, these services can create flexible cleaning plans that seamlessly fit into your routine, ensuring a clean and organized living space.

Convenient And Adaptable Scheduling

Professional cleaning services offer flexible scheduling options because they understand the demands of a busy lifestyle. They know that each homeowner has distinct time constraints, and it is their top priority to accommodate these schedules. Go Cleaners London will work around your schedule and provide cleaning services at your convenience if you simply communicate your preferred date and time.

Reliability And Trustworthiness

Trust and reliability are essential when inviting professionals into your home. Professional cleaning services carefully select and background check their cleaners to guarantee reliability and trustworthiness. Knowing that the cherished spaces in their homes are being cared for and treated with respect by professional’s gives homeowners’ peace of mind.

High-Quality Equipment And Cleaning Products

Go Cleaners London focuses on using excellent cleaning products and high-quality equipment. These products work to keep your home spotless and free of germs and are also environmentally friendly, making your home healthier for you and your family. By utilizing high-quality tools, professional cleaners can provide superior cleaning outcomes that surpass what can be achieved with standard household supplies.

Incredible Customer Support

Professional cleaners prioritize the needs of their clients. These services place a high value on providing exceptional customer service from when you contact them until it is completed. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff is readily available to answer any questions or concerns, ensuring open communication and transparency throughout the cleaning process.

Competitive Pricing

Professional cleaning services believe in making their services accessible and affordable. They have competitive pricing structures that offer great value for your money. By investing in professional cleaning services, you can enjoy the benefits of a spotless home without breaking the bank. There are no unexpected costs or fees, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life while maintaining a clean and inviting living space.


Professional cleaning services offer numerous advantages contributing to a spotless and inviting home. Their expertise, customized cleaning plans, reliability, quality products, excellent customer support, competitive pricing, and overall value make them an appealing choice for homeowners seeking cleanliness and comfort.

By entrusting your cleaning needs to professionals. You can enjoy the benefits of a meticulously clean home without the hassle and time commitment.

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Different Types Of Insulation That Are Ideal For Your Loft

When it comes to home insulation, one area that homeowners often overlook is the attic. However, proper insulation in your attic is essential for maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home. Several types of insulation materials are available on the market that you can use in your attic. Below are some insulation options for your loft that can help ensure your family home is warm and comfortable.

Fibreglass Insulation

Fibreglass insulation is one of the most common types of loft insulation used. It is made of tiny glass fibres that are woven together to create a mat. This mat is then installed in the attic to provide insulation. Fibreglass insulation is available in batts and rolls that you can easily install in the attic. It is also available in a blown-in form, which you spray onto the attic floor with a machine. One of the benefits of fibreglass insulation is that it is affordable and readily available. It is also resistant to fire and does not absorb moisture. However, fibreglass insulation can irritate the skin, eyes, and lungs, so wearing protective clothing and a mask during installation is important.

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation is made of recycled materials such as newspapers and cardboard and is treated with a fire retardant to make it resistant to fire. Cellulose insulation is installed in the loft by blowing it onto the attic floor with a machine. One of the benefits of cellulose insulation is that it is environmentally friendly and made from 100% recycled materials. It also effectively reduces air leaks and is resistant to pests such as rodents and insects. However, cellulose insulation can be messy during installation and can settle over time, reducing its effectiveness.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a type of insulation that is applied by spraying a liquid foam onto the attic floor. The foam expands and fills all the gaps and spaces in the attic. Spray foam insulation is more expensive than other types of insulation, but it is also more effective in reducing air leaks and providing a barrier against moisture and pests. One of the benefits of spray foam insulation is that it is very effective in reducing energy costs and improving indoor air quality. It can also last for a long time without needing to be replaced. However, a professional should only install spray foam insulation, as it requires specialised equipment and knowledge.

Radiant Barrier Insulation

Radiant barrier insulation is a type of insulation that is installed in the attic to reflect heat away from your home. It is typically made of a thin layer of aluminium foil or a similar reflective material. Radiant barrier insulation is installed by stapling it to the underside of the attic roof. One of the benefits of radiant barrier insulation is that it effectively reduces energy costs by reflecting heat away. It is also easy to install and can be combined with other types of insulation for added effectiveness. However, radiant barrier insulation is ineffective in reducing air leaks and does not provide a barrier against moisture or pests.

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How To Unblock A Badly Blocked Toilet: Tips And Tricks

Having a blocked toilet can be an embarrassing and frustrating experience, but it is not an uncommon problem. While some minor blockages can be cleared with a plunger or hot water, more serious ones require more effort. This article will discuss how to unblock a badly blocked toilet and provide tips and tricks to prevent it from happening again.

Using A Plunger

A plunger is one of the most common and effective ways to unblock a toilet. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Ensure you have a good-quality plunger with a flange and rubber flap that fits into the toilet bowl.
  • Add some water to the bowl if it is low.
  • Place the plunger over the hole at the bottom of the toilet bowl and push it down firmly.
  • Pull the plunger up quickly to create a suction.
  • Do this repeatedly until the impediment is gone.

Using A Toilet Auger

If the plunger doesn’t work, you may need to use a toilet auger, a tool designed to clear blockages in the toilet drain. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Insert the end of the drill into the toilet bowl and turn the handle clockwise.
  • Till the drill encounters the obstruction, keep rotating the handle.
  • To remove the obstruction, pull and push the drill.
  • Turn the handle and push and pull the drill until the blockage is cleared.

Using Hot Water And Dish Soap

Use hot water and dish soap to dissolve the obstruction if you don’t have a toilet auger or plunger. The steps are as follows:

  • Fill the toilet bowl with hot water.
  • To the basin, add a few drops of dish soap.
  • Allow the soap and hot water to work on the obstruction for a few minutes.
  • Flush the toilet to see if the clog has been eliminated.

 What Is A Drain Liner?

If you have a badly blocked toilet that cannot be cleared with any of the above methods, you may need to consider using a drain liner. A drain liner is a flexible tube inserted into the drain and then inflated to create a new, smooth pipe inside the existing pipe. The following are some advantages of using a drain liner:

  • Cost-Effective: Installing a drain liner is often less expensive than digging up and replacing a damaged pipe.


  • Minimal Disruption: The installation process of a drain liner is quick and doesn’t require excavation, which means minimal disruption to your property.


  • Durable: Drain liners are made from high-quality materials designed to last many years.


  • Prevents Future Blockages: The smooth surface of the drain liner prevents waste and debris from sticking to the pipe’s inside, reducing the likelihood of future blockages.

In conclusion, there are several ways to unclog a blocked toilet, which may be a frustrating and unpleasant experience. If you have tried all the solutions above and the toilet is still clogged, you may consider installing a drain liner to stop further clogs. To prevent future blockages, keep in mind to take preventive actions, such as refraining from flushing non-degradable materials and routinely cleaning the toilet.

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3 Coastal Décor Ideas for Modern Scandinavian Beach House Vibes

The Scandinavian coastal interior style perfectly combines subtle yet cosy accents, quality, and functionality. While there are many ways to introduce shoreside colours and textures, still seeking a modern Scandinavian minimalism, you should carefully source the ideas found online. Forget about cliché “beach house vibes” décor guides and look for modern, unique, functional details. Essentially – add a personal touch. Light tones, gauzy linen drapery, wooden furniture, shutters, sisal rugs, something to reveal your personality and hobbies – it’s all about creating that relaxing yet functional interior. Read on and find 3 coastal décor ideas for a stylish and functional home.

1. Functional Wooden Furniture

Don’t get it wrong – you don’t have to make it all about the wood. On the contrary, a few pieces of statement furniture would be enough. It’s perfect if you can opt for wooden flooring. Nevertheless, wooden and other natural fabric pieces match perfectly with, for instance, a concrete floor.

Use a few large functional design pieces in place of several smaller ones. This way, your home will appear less cluttered and more relaxing. Keep a neutral colour scheme in mind. Let’s get back to the wood textures – it could be oak wood chairs, a vintage dining table, a spacious storage cabinet with legs, or open shelving unit.

2. Well-Thought-Out Coastal Decorations

To create a subtle coastal vibe, you’ll need some well-thought-out decorations. Avoid ones that’ll turn your place into a maritime museum. Think of a subtle shoreside touch, concentrate on specific textures, bright and spacious home feeling rather than on coastal-themed things. A few subtle yet practical decorations:

  • Sisal rugs
  • Mirrors and other reflective surfaces
  • Handmade ceramics
  • Plants

If you have a small, open-plan space, consider getting a few rugs – one bigger to establish the main area (e. g., living room) and a few smaller ones to carve out other zones (e. g., home office). Reflective surfaces and mirrors help create bright, light-filled spaces. When it comes to fabrics, stick with airy and light ones. It’s said that some of the plants can even improve air quality. Needless to say, greenery livens up any interior.

3. Functional and Minimal Design Shutters

As you’ve already understood, when it comes to modern and functional coastal décor, it’s all about bright and decluttered spaces. Therefore, think of ways to control the sun’s glare efficiently but let in more natural light. One of the options could be light linen curtains. Another option for those looking for a statement piece could be innovative wooden or MDF shutters.

It could be full height, café style or the so-called tier-on-tier fitted shutters. The latter will allow you to control your shades’ top louvre section independently from the lower. For more information, inspirational ideas, and professional advice, visit Lexblinds’ website:

Ask yourself how you want your place to feel and design it for the way it would convey that relaxed vibe yet would be comfortable to spend your time in. Concentrate on a well-thought-out, balanced base rather than small decorations that add neither style nor functionality. Remember, the key is the atmosphere you create.

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How to Arrange Cushions on Your Sofa

A modern living room doesn’t look complete without cushions on the sofa. Regardless of the room’s style and size, a few carefully chosen cushions can help you achieve the desired look. Instead of redecorating the entire room, you can purchase new cushions and transform the room.

Here are some ideas for choosing and arranging cushions on your sofa.

How to Arrange Cushions on Your Sofa If You Want an Informal Look

Perfectly-arranged cushions may look visually appealing, but they can be too formal. If you enjoy an informal style, rearranging the cushions in specific ways is the way to go.

Many like the 2-1-2 rule for arranging cushions, but this symmetry is not for everyone. If you want to break the pattern, we recommend grouping the cushions on one side of the sofa. Two or three cushions placed on one side will automatically transform not just the sofa but the entire room.

Another way to achieve an informal style is to use an odd number of cushions and place them on both sides of the sofa. If you have a bigger sofa, however, it might be better to place three pillows on one side and two on the other.

How to Arrange Cushions on Your Sofa If You Want to Add Colour

Cushions are a great way to add colour to the entire room. That said, this may be more complicated than you think. You need to be careful about the patterns, textures, and colour palettes to ensure everything matches.

Before they shop cushions, UK customers should look at their living room décor. If the colours are muted, purchasing a colourful cushion is an excellent option. But this isn’t the only case where you can benefit from a colourful cushion. If you have an accent wall, you can get cushions that complement it or create a contrast. You can also match the colour of the cushions to the colour of different decorative elements, shelves, or paintings.

If you decide to get colourful cushions, we recommend choosing complementary colours. Another option is purchasing cushions with the same pattern and a different colour palette.

You can always combine colourful and neutral cushions for a more subtle effect. When arranging colourful cushions on your sofa, we suggest placing them on opposite sides.

How to Arrange Cushions to Make Your Sofa More Comfortable

A sofa can be many things, but most importantly, it needs to be comfortable. Even the cosiest sofas can appear uncomfortable if the cushions aren’t arranged properly.

If you want to make your sofa look more comfortable, forget about the rules. The cushions shouldn’t be carefully organized or perfectly plumped. Your sofa will look more inviting and cosy if you choose cushions in neutral colours that don’t stand out too much. Moreover, remember that less is often more. The sofa won’t look comfortable if you cover it with cushions of varying sizes, styles, and colours. A minimalistic approach is much more desirable in this case. Choose one or two pillows that complement the sofa. If you want extra points, throw a blanket over the sofa and don’t worry about folding it perfectly. The “messy” look will add to the cosiness.

How to Arrange Cushions to Make Your Sofa More Eye-Catching

Standard, neutral sofas usually aren’t the most eye-catching detail in a living room. Fortunately, you can change this with a few carefully-chosen cushions.

You can make the sofa more eye-catching with one or two dark-coloured cushions. Of course, this is the best option if the rest of the furniture is neutral or you choose a colour that complements the furniture. Since this strategy can be risky if you’re not great at combining colours, we recommend playing with shapes.

Nothing is off-limits. A rectangular and circular cushion can look great when placed together on your sofa. Likewise, they can look even better when placed on opposite sides. Don’t be afraid to try out different combinations until you’ve found the perfect match.

It’s All Individual

Before they shop cushions, UK customers have a lot to consider. When choosing the right cushions for your sofa, don’t forget that it’s all about the individual. If you like a certain arrangement that isn’t in line with the “rules,” go for it. After all, you’re the one who’ll spend time in the room. Whatever arrangement you decide on, remember that you should purchase high-quality, durable cushions.

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How to Design the Exterior of Your Home

When it comes to the world of property, there is a huge emphasis placed on how the interior of a property looks. There is so much choice, in terms of how the interior architecture, furnishings and structure to our home, that often the exterior of our property gets overlooked.  However, the exterior of your property is one of the most important aspects of our property- and has a lot of impact on how our home is viewed by the owners, prospective buyers and passers-by. Kerb appeal means that you take care of how your home looks- from the driveway to decorative elements such as plants, to the important things such as roof structure. There are plenty of things to take into consideration, and here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on how to design the exterior of your home.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint:

It’s a timeless hack that you probably already knew about, but it can work wonders for your home, both on the interior and the exterior. Adding a fresh coat of paint should never be underestimated in its powers, and it can entirely transform your property and give it a whole new lease of life. Not only is it a chance to brighten your home and make it look more modern, but you can also update your home in terms of the design and how you want it to look. While you can have creative freedom, a good piece of advice is to pair the colour of your home with the architectural style of the property. For example, it’s a good idea to use darker paint colours on a Victorian property, natural colours on Tudor homes and a saturated colour palette on an Arts and Crafts home.

Update the Roof:

Not only is it important for aesthetic purposes, but your roof plays an integral role in the function of your property too. If your roof is beginning to look a little worse for wear, then why not think about replacing it with something a little more contemporary in terms of the architectural structure. It’s important to noy only think about the structure, but also the material properties, and advancements you can add onto them, such as solar panels.

Enlarging Windows:

Windows are a hugely important feature of any property. Considered the eyes of the home, the windows you choose to have in your home can affect not only the exterior design of your home, but also the way it looks in the interior too. Larger windows are a great way to let natural light pour into your home, which is an easy way to reduce the cost of electricity bills. Popular features such as bay windows also double up as a seating area and add dimension to your home. You can choose how many windows you want, and how this will affect the architectural design of the property from the exterior.

 Do More with the Landscaping:

Landscaping can make or break a home. If you’re being honest, how many times have you made a comment when you see a property that has overgrown hedges and shrubs on the exterior? By simply cutting the lawn frequently, this is a minimal way to ensure that your garden is well-kept. Additionally, adding in some well-positioned flower beds and shrubs can create a beautiful entrance- especially throughout the summer months when the flowers are in full bloom.

Updating the Driveway:

Another important aspect of your property’s exterior is the driveway- which can sometimes become overlooked in terms of its benefits to the property’s exterior. If you want to have a clean and inviting driveway, then create this illusion by placing down permeable driveway pavers or incorporating decorative features such as stamped concrete pavers is a great way to add to the façade.

Adding Lighting to the Exterior:

A well-lit property exterior is a great way to add a soft accent to your home, while also creating visibility which is better for security reasons when it comes to protecting your home throughout the night. Additionally, exterior lighting is a great way to show the decorative features you have implemented, such as your drive or flower beds. You can install discreet lighting if your home has a porch or large soffits or overhands, or light up the driveway leading to your property.

This article was written by a quick house sale company We Buy Any House. If you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast?”, head to the We Buy Any House website for more information relating to all property related enquiries.  

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Step By Step Guide To Find A Reliable Roofing Company

In the wake of a storm, it’s tough to get your roof fixed or replaced by insurance. To repair damage caused by a storm, you must first find a reliable and responsible roofing company. A roofing company that has experience with insurance claims can help guide you through the claim process and expedite the repair process. To overcome your problem, the following guide shows you how to find a reliable roofing company.

Find A Roofing Company You Can Trust

An emergency repair usually triggers a homeowner’s insurance claim process and Having the repair or replacement done as quickly as possible is essential to restoring the comfort, safety, and privacy of your home. To do so you have to hire a professional and local kent roofing company for quick renovating.

  • Ask friends, family, and neighbors for suggestions or guidance.
  • Find out more information from your local BBB.
  • You can check their social media accounts too.
  • Check their pictures and videos
  • Use Modernize, to connect with a reputable roofing company.

You Need To Vet Your Roofing Company

To deal with your roofing repair or replacement as quickly as possible, you need to contact a kent roofing company. Follow these steps to select the right roofing skilled workers.

  • You should contact 4-5 local experts for quotes.
  • Visit each company’s website. Does it appear professional and up-to-date?
  • Consider the positive and negative reviews and responses of each contractor. Is the overall opinion of the contractor mostly positive?
  • Is Gerrards cross roofer company experienced or not?
  • Do you have an estimate for your project or not?

You should be ready to present your insurance adjuster with your three or four written estimates and vetting each potential contractor. In order to file an insurance claim, you must meet with your adjuster.

To Review The Details Of The Project And Your Expectations, Meet In Person With A Company

Talk to each company about the following points:

  • You should ask for confirmation of their insurance, including the name of the insurance company, the policy number, and the limits of their agreement.
  • The responsibility and details of warranty management should be determined.
  • Before signing a contract, make sure the price is fixed.
  • An expert Gerrards cross roofer will show you all details and give you some ideas and tips.

Before the roofing contractor begins your project, we will go over some steps at the final meeting.

  • You should confirm the original quote.
  • Plan your payments
  • You must gather all the paper evidence of your agreement, project plan, arrangement modifications, charges and bills, confirmation of security and/or permitting, and company equality.
  • Check the deadline of the project.

Your Roofing Repair or Replacement Project will be in good hands when you use the kent roofing company Checklist to vet a trusted company. Hopefully, you will get all the information and guidance and now become an expert to choose your first and trustworthy kent roofing company in your any size of budget.

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Want To Get Rid Of Rats In The Drain System? Try Rat Flap Or Blocker!

Rat is a nice creature, but it hurts when it comes to home and damages properties and goods. Mostly, the rats came through sewage pipes inside the home and damaged the clothes, important documents, wires, and many uncountable items. What if you install 4 Inch Rat Blocker in the drainage system?

Yes! It is a very simple and unique technology to prevent rats, frogs, snakes, and other creatures from entering your home and office space. Rat Flap is super easy to install that takes hardly a couple of minutes.

What If I Do Not Use Rat Blocker?

The rats love to byte the plastic materials and other soft materials that are chewable. Due to their likes, drainage or sewage lines are their favorite place to make the home. Once they enter through the path, they can come into your kitchen and waste all the food. Rats and other venom creatures can also come inside your washroom and toilet. Similarly, they can come into your cupboard and byte the luxury clothes.

Your workplace is also not safe from these tiny creatures. Fortunately, if running a factory, avoiding installing a rat blocker isn’t a good idea. You can’t imagine how much loss you can face once they are entered into your premises.

Rats can damage the raw materials, the prepared products, and even the wires and other important parts that allow your machine to work.

So please do not go on the size of rats; they are tiny but give you a huge loss at home and office as well.

How Rat Flaps Or Blocker Are Different From Other Rat Killers?

The modern Rat blockers, which directly get installed inside the drainage system, are different from the traditional rat trappers. With the rat blocker, you don’t need to be worried about the brutal murder of the rats, like the traditional rat trappers are doing. Also, there is no harm to the creatures due to poison or other harmful chemicals used while doing pest control.

The Rat Flap prevents the rats, snakes, and other creatures from entering and damaging your property. It does not kill the rats but blocks the whole immediately to prevent them from getting inside.

In this way, your properties are safe without hurting them. Also, if you install 4 Inch Rat Blocker in your drainage system, you are tension-free for a long time by saving the regular expenses on the rat-killing poisons, chemicals, and pest control services.

How Does Rat Blocker Work?

The rat traps or flap is made up of stainless steel, or sometimes you can see high-quality plastic materials are used to design 4 Inch Rat Blocker or other sizes of rat blockers. The mechanism allowed the instrument to flap whenever the harming creatures were trying to into your property.

At the same time, due to state-of-the-art engineering behind the mouse flap, the water, and other waste will be passed easily through the pipeline.

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Paving Contractors Are Really In Demand

London paving contractors are very well known these days as it is getting very popular. Paving contractors are highly demanded in both sectors private and government. The surface made by paving is so attractive as well as they are so long-lasting. Nowadays so many peoples take help from London paving contractors for choosing the right surface for their home and offices or outdoor areas. In London paving contractors is a type of company that is hired by companies for constructing paved surfaces sidewalks, roads, and concrete floors.

Also, they get hired for large projects like making airports, etc. These London paving contractors groups are employed through businesses, homeowners, and municipal corporations to make pave surfaces or restore current ones. Many paving corporations specialize in both residential and business work, although some may additionally operate each kind relying on the scope of the venture and the gear required. The Contactors who work for residential paving services ought to meet with house owners and supply estimates to tightly close new projects. Some agencies may also focal point on panorama paving, such as each putting in laying stone merchandise and poured surfaces such as pavers or doors tiles.

Paving contractors as commercial workers commonly grant pricing for the jobs in a shape of a bid, and obviously, the lowest bidder is commonly awarded for the job. In a business setting, the London paving contractor usually reviews to a popular contractor or development supervisor alternatively than without delay to the owner. Surry paving company may additionally be carried as a lower-priced choice to repair as it makes it waterproofs the pavement and it can prolong its lifestyles through nearly 10 years. If we substitute kerbstones as a section of the project this might also result in an exchange of the peak for the pavements.

A slurry paving company works with the utility of a combination of asphalt emulsion, water, combination (very small beaten rock), and components to a present asphalt paving surface. A slurry paving is comparable to a vapor seal beside the slurry tape has sums as a phase of a mixture. This mixed combination of the emulsion also aggregates represents as “slurry.” Polymer is usually introduced for asphalt emulsion to grant higher combination properties. The placement of this combination on the current pavement is “seal” as it is supposed to seal the whole pavement surface. Slurry paving seals are normally used for residential streets.

Slurry paving company seal is utilized to assist hold and defend the underlying paving shape and furnish a new using surface. Roadways are chosen for paving and slurry seal functions usually have low to reasonable misery and slender crack width. These Slurry seal functions serve to pack the cracks restore misplaced flexibility to a paving surface, supply a deep, prosperous black pavement surface color, and assist hold the underlying pave structure.

It is a very good and long-lasting way of flooring and there are so many unique designs and styles are available to construct.

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Moving Home Again: Everything You Need to Know.

Moving home, whether it’s your first, second or third time, is always an exciting yet intimidating experience. There’s so much to think about- and things may have changed drastically since you were venturing onto the property ladder for the first time. Whereas first time buyers are given a lot of handholding throughout the whole process- from available financial help to house viewing and moving tips, second time buyers are often expected to know the ins and outs of an industry which is ever changing without being directly involved in the property market. If you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast?” then ensuring all the steps are in order is a great way to try and help the process occur more smoothly and quickly.  If you’re in need of some handholding, or just general advice about being a moving house, here at We Buy An have compiled our top pieces of advice and hacks to help.

Prior to Moving:

Moving house is a daunting experience no matter how many times you do it. This is probably made harder by the notion of having a house that is already set up, with a mortgage either being paid or fully paid for, and perhaps a family to consider. Prior to moving there are a few things to think about, such as:

Prioritising Your Needs:

Scrabbling to get onto the property ladder is a difficult process- especially as house prices have changed over the years. Taking this into account, it’s beneficial to make a list of requirements you will want to gain from your move, separating the ‘must-haves’ from the ‘nice-to-haves’. Deciding the needs from the musts allows you to be pickier in terms of property and pricing and have more options that are worthwhile.

Think of Your Future:

Think about the purpose of your move and how the change in your circumstances may affect this. Things such as growing family or a career change may play a factor in this, and it’s worthwhile to think about how things may change in the distant future and how this may impact the future of your home and life.


Although as a homeowner you’ve been through the financial hoops of owning a property, in addition to keeping on top of payments and legal requirements, things may have changed as you become a second time buyer. If you’re looking to move house as a second time buyer, there’s various financial responsibilities and mortgage requirements that may impact you. We’ve broken down this area- here are some things to think about:

Second Time Buyer Mortgage:

Some mortgage lenders may class people who haven’t had a mortgage for three years or more as first-time buyers, however if you have previously owned a home but do not anymore, or you have an ongoing mortgage, you may be classed as a second-time buyer if you’re looking for a property on the market. The second time buyer mortgage is subjective to the homeowner’s circumstance, so it’s best to discuss this with a mortgage expert.

Deposit Requirement for Second Time Buyers:

The differences between deposits for first- and second-time buyers are minimal, as there’s not much difference between the two. A large amount of mortgage lenders will ask you for at least 10% of the property’s value, however putting down a larger deposit is beneficial in aiding you to land a superior interest rate and offset any of the risks involved in the agreement. Additionally, there are 5% deposit mortgages that are available to second-time buyers, however, this comes with less product choice in comparison to first time buyers- as the Help to Buy scheme is only exclusive to first time buyers. Some lenders offer 95% LTV mortgages for second-time buyers, and most second-time buyers find that previously having a mortgage helps them to secure the deal that they want, as they have a consistent record of mortgage payments.

Extra Tips:

Some further pieces of advice for second-time buyers who are looking into moving house again:

  • Take advantage of government schemes. The scheme is now open to second time buyers, so it enables you to get a mortgage with 5% deposit from a lender. However, interest rates are high when using this scheme, so ensure to speak to a lender to see how deals compare.
  • Port your current mortgage. If you are satisfied with the current terms of your mortgage, you may be able to transfer it over to your next home. By porting your current mortgage, it means you can retain your interest rate instead of having to take on a higher rate. However, in doing this you must expect your lender to review your circumstances and decide whether this is possible.
  • Switch to a buy to let mortgage. It’s a good idea to let your current property out and get a let-to-buy mortgage. If this is something that interests you, then speak to a mortgage lender for more advice.

Stamp Duty:

It’s important to familarise yourself with Stamp Duty Land Tax, especially If you’re a second time buyer as the payment rules are different. Whereas usually you would pay Stamp Duty Land Tax on anything above £125,000 that is considered an increasing portion, second time buyers should want to ensure that you know how much this will be from the get-go.

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