3 Coastal Décor Ideas for Modern Scandinavian Beach House Vibes

The Scandinavian coastal interior style perfectly combines subtle yet cosy accents, quality, and functionality. While there are many ways to introduce shoreside colours and textures, still seeking a modern Scandinavian minimalism, you should carefully source the ideas found online. Forget about cliché “beach house vibes” décor guides and look for modern, unique, functional details. Essentially – add a personal touch. Light tones, gauzy linen drapery, wooden furniture, shutters, sisal rugs, something to reveal your personality and hobbies – it’s all about creating that relaxing yet functional interior. Read on and find 3 coastal décor ideas for a stylish and functional home.

1. Functional Wooden Furniture

Don’t get it wrong – you don’t have to make it all about the wood. On the contrary, a few pieces of statement furniture would be enough. It’s perfect if you can opt for wooden flooring. Nevertheless, wooden and other natural fabric pieces match perfectly with, for instance, a concrete floor.

Use a few large functional design pieces in place of several smaller ones. This way, your home will appear less cluttered and more relaxing. Keep a neutral colour scheme in mind. Let’s get back to the wood textures – it could be oak wood chairs, a vintage dining table, a spacious storage cabinet with legs, or open shelving unit.

2. Well-Thought-Out Coastal Decorations

To create a subtle coastal vibe, you’ll need some well-thought-out decorations. Avoid ones that’ll turn your place into a maritime museum. Think of a subtle shoreside touch, concentrate on specific textures, bright and spacious home feeling rather than on coastal-themed things. A few subtle yet practical decorations:

  • Sisal rugs
  • Mirrors and other reflective surfaces
  • Handmade ceramics
  • Plants

If you have a small, open-plan space, consider getting a few rugs – one bigger to establish the main area (e. g., living room) and a few smaller ones to carve out other zones (e. g., home office). Reflective surfaces and mirrors help create bright, light-filled spaces. When it comes to fabrics, stick with airy and light ones. It’s said that some of the plants can even improve air quality. Needless to say, greenery livens up any interior.

3. Functional and Minimal Design Shutters

As you’ve already understood, when it comes to modern and functional coastal décor, it’s all about bright and decluttered spaces. Therefore, think of ways to control the sun’s glare efficiently but let in more natural light. One of the options could be light linen curtains. Another option for those looking for a statement piece could be innovative wooden or MDF shutters.

It could be full height, café style or the so-called tier-on-tier fitted shutters. The latter will allow you to control your shades’ top louvre section independently from the lower. For more information, inspirational ideas, and professional advice, visit Lexblinds’ website:

Ask yourself how you want your place to feel and design it for the way it would convey that relaxed vibe yet would be comfortable to spend your time in. Concentrate on a well-thought-out, balanced base rather than small decorations that add neither style nor functionality. Remember, the key is the atmosphere you create.

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